2010 - 2011

Be brave enough to travel the unknown path and learn what you are capable of.

Interactive Media Production / Grade 73%

End of the world / Assignment pdf A basic html document with a head, body, footer and wrapper.

Pierre The Cat / Assignment pdf An interactive Flash based story with animations and sounds.

Computer Graphics 1 / Grade 75%

Vampires Rock / Assignment pdf An example of a non destructive layered Photoshop document.

Penguin Book Cover / Assignment pdf Working to industry standards by creating a book cover useing a Penguin publisher Template.

JavaScript for Interactive Design / Grade 75%

The Space Station An interactive example site for JavaScript functions.

The Weighing Station An interactive weight converter website that has a cookie function to remember details of users name and weight.

2011 - 2012

Have faith in your journey. Everything had to happen exactly as it did to get you where you're going next!

Programming With ActionScript / Grade 70%

Four mini games created using a mixture of Flash and Action script.

Custard Pie The code to set the parameters for the splat zone was tricky.

Barts Sums Coding the maths in Action script was a great learning curve.

Spud Game Created by adapting an avoider tutorial by Michael James Williams

Spuds Maze The maze was created using a Sprite computer graphic.

Interactive Design / Grade 78%

The First Degree This is a prototype webpage layout for a magazine style programme that broadcasts news and local events.

Dynamic Applications / Grade 63%

Naughty Knickers An e-commerce shop designed using php and a server hosted database.

I have been described as irrepressable, dillligent and hardworking

2012 - 2013

The greatest part of a road trip is not the destination; its the wild and wonderfull stuff that happens on the way.

Connections / Grade 74%

Digital Art Worker Hardware Expenditure Form

Media System Block Diagram Smart Phone

Technical Support Network Terminology

Technical Support Cables, Connectors & Adapters

Photographic Hardware Vision, Lenses & Cameras

Audio Hardware & Measurement Creating A Pod-cast Studio

Digital Media File Formatting, Storage & Backup

Digital Media Video Display Monitors

Audio 1 / Grade 64%

Mixing sounds files utilising mixer desks, Audacity and Audition.

Audacity Demo mp3 / Audio 1 Presentation pdf

Telephone Speech mp3 / Audio 2 Production pdf

The Dictator mp3 / Audio 3 Processing pdf

Basic Video Production / Grade 63%

My Passion Portayal of my journey to Uclan

Flapjack Video of making flapjack


Creative Programming / Grade 73%

Data Journalism Date information website utilising html5 coding, canvas, jsonp, XML, Raphael time lines and Google Api's'

Data gathering Data Journalism project presentation delivered for Johnson press

2013 - 2014

"Its your road, and your's alone.
Others may walk it with you but no one can walk it for you."

Information Graphics / Grade 77%

Coffee Loyalty / Assignment pdf Animated information-graphic comparrison of coffee shop loyalty cards utalising photoshop

Rules of chess A demonstration of 3DMax software

Visual Essay A range of visual communication principles with examples of how they are applied.

Info-graphic layout Animated information graphic of the elements that make up an information graphic poster

Graphics by Numbers Numerical database information displayed as visual Charts, graphs etc using Google api software

Interactive Authoring / Grade 69%

Mobile App Design / Assignment pdf Constructing and designing a mobile app as an aid for people with anxiety and depression

Scrape Mash & feed / Assignment pdf Scraping web-page information and feeding it back thorugh a third party webpage

Hope is the only thing stronger than fear

2014 - 2015

Do not compare your path to somone eles's Your path is unique to you.

Professional Practice / Grade 65%

Branding / Assignment pdf I signed up for my first Hotmail account in 1996 on a computer running Windows 95 using a dial up internet connection.

Applied Graphics / Grade 65%

Product Packaging A conceptual image of a fragrance bottle and mockups of packaging.

Logos, Signs & Symbols Mockups of Logo designs for cosmetics company speciaising in hair, nails and skin care.

Webpage Graphics / Vampire Rock Website The redesign of the landing page for Steve Steinmans musical shows website .

Applied Functionality / Grade 47%

Chat Window My plan was to build an online chatroom or window where two or more people could communicate to each other..

Shopping Cart The idea was to build a shopping cart using Ajax so the cart updates without having to reload the page.

User Experience Design / Grade 77%

Prezi Presentation From conception to the end a mobile App to help you protect your vehicle from crime.

The Gargoyle Defender App / Assignment pdf The app to end all car crime.

Motion Graphics / Grade 71%

Family Timeline A motion graphic timeline from my grandmother to my daughter.

Whiskey Galore A motion graphical representation of how Jack Daniels whiskey is made.

Media Technology Single Project / Grade 57%

Data Journalism Tim Berners-Lee, founder of the World Wide Web said, “data-driven journalism is the future, journalists need to be data-savvy”

Data Journalism Examples Some would accredit all journalism to be data journalism if you ascribe the term ‘data’ to mean ‘information’

Your not too old, and its not too late.

The Journey

Take a closer look at my journey so far.
I was born in 1968 the same year martin Luther king was assassinated and the number one song on my birthday was 'Young Girl by Union Gap'.
Before they married my dad was a coal miner and my mum worked at the Blackpool rock factory,
no one in their family had ever gone to college let alone university.

Baby Steps

I grew up in the 70’s with its horrendous fashion sense and survived the 80’s decline of education to find myself in the 90’s bare foot and pregnant. At the start of 2000 I was diagnosed with cancer, surviving I decided that i wanted to do more with my life than being a mother to four little girls..

The Long Road

It took me 10 years studying part time while my kids were at school to get the education and qualifications that were financially denied me in the 1980’s. It then took another 5 years for me to complete my Degree at Uclan, graduating in 2015 as a Bachelor of Science with Second Class Honours in Web Design and Development

Route 66

Since graduating I have worked as a freelance graphic designer, creating bespoke designs for clients looking for something less run of the mill. I am also working as an Associate Lecturer with Uclan and plan to go back to university in 2018 to study for my Masters in Graphic Design.

I am a creative thinker who likes to take the box and climb on top of it so I can see whats behind the wall.

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